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Tulsa Drywall

When You Think Drywall Installation and Drywall Repair in Tulsa – Think RRI

At Roper Remodeling & Installations, LLC (RRI), drywall installation or repair is a part of nearly every minor or major home remodeling job we do. From a small drywall repair to large residential projects, when you think drywall in Tulsa, Oklahoma, think of the drywall specialists at RRI. Not every drywall contractor in Tulsa, OK is the same, which is why we insist on working with the leading professionals in the trade who provide:

  • Consistently Excellent Results - Drywall installation and finishing is a highly skilled trade. It takes years of experience to properly hang and finish drywall (sheetrock), and it’s no job for amateurs. At RRI, we take drywall in Tulsa seriously because it is, in every sense, the final finished product that we all see – every seam better be invisible and every inside or outside corner viewed as flawless after the paint dries. If they’re not, time consuming and expensive repair problems can lay ahead. At RRI, construction excellence is our only standard, and when it comes to drywall installation, we pay particular attention to detail – only the most skilled need apply.
  • A Variety of Finishes - From traditional joint compound and tape surfaces to elegant Venetian plaster (a smooth plaster finish expertly burnished to create visual depth), to stucco or other textured surfaces, we offer the homeowner a full spectrum of drywall finish choices.
  • Fast Installation and Finishing - At RRI, our drywall professionals know that everyone is waiting on them. From the painter to the trim carpenters to the finish plumber, finish electrician, flooring installers, etc., they’re all at a standstill until the drywall is completed. Drywall in Tulsa? We use only the best in the business crews who have the manpower and expertise to get a top quality job done fast.
  • Professional Cleanup - A professional drywall contractor in Tulsa, OK will insist on an end of the day site cleaning that leaves the area neat and rubble free. When the final sanding and finishing is completed, on an RRI renovation, all drywall waste is placed in a container, and a thorough sweeping and vacuuming of the entire site is completed.
  • Affordability - Every drywall contractor in Tulsa, Oklahoma understands that you’re on a budget, and those professionals who do our drywall installation have been chosen for their craftsmanship and a price that’s highly cost-competitive, which means your construction costs are less.

Insist on the Best Drywall in Tulsa

Founded by National Association of Home Builders member Stan Roper, RRI is a Better Business Bureau accredited home remodeling and new construction company that has grown in success year after year. Our refusal to compromise on the quality of our construction has earned us, as well as our drywall installation, an outstanding reputation. In short, when you choose RRI, you will get the best drywall in Tulsa.

Don’t put it off any longer. Contact us about a no-cost or obligation consultation about all your interior wall needs – whether you require drywall repair in Tulsa or any type of drywall installation, you owe it to yourself to benefit from the expert and reliable services of a leading drywall contractor in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We look forward to talking to you soon!

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